Blenheim Traditional White Premium Lace Net Jardiniere Curtains Window Set

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Blenheim White jardiniere has a stunning traditional design set on a quality lace net fabric. 

Jardiniere net curtains  allows more light into your room than the traditional net curtain due to their arched hem. The net curtains still offer privacy but also allow for easy viewing outside. All the Jardinieres come with an easy to use slot top header and are machine washable for easy care.

Product Specifications

Designs: Blenheim 
Colours: White
Slot Top / Rod Top
Window Set Sizes:
Each Jardiniere Measures Approx. (Width x Drop):
100x36” (254x91cm), 100x42” (254x107cm), 100x45” (254x115cm), 100x48” (254x122cm),
100x54” (254x137cm), 150x36” (381x91cm), 150x42” (381x107cm),
150x45” (381x115cm), 150x48” (381x122cm), 150x54” (381x137cm),
150x63" (381x160cm),  200x45” (508x115cm), 200x48” (508x122cm),
200x54” (508x137cm), 200x63” (508x160cm).
Composition – Fabric:
100% Polyester
Care Instructions: 30 Degrees Machine Wash. Line Dry. Do Not Wring.